The Key Copier Platinum allows YOU to copy access cards & fobs EASILY

  • An amazing powerful key copier
  • Copy a huge range of RFID cards & fobs
  • Includes a detailed manual tailored to the common keys in Australia
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a The Key Copier Platinum allows you to clone RFID key cards and Fob keys for the common proximity access card systems used in Australian including HID. You can duplicate your own swipe keys or provide RFID key card and FOB cloning / copying services to others. RFID (radio frequency identification) key cards and fobs use radio waves to wirelessly communicate with electronic access control systems. Such cards are usually used for building doors, common area access (pool, barbeque), car parks & lift access. The most common brand of card is HID.

What you get
  • The Key Copier Platinum Package
  • A detailed Instruction Manual tailored to the popular cards & fobs in the Australian market
  • Test tags (various formats)
  • Unlimited email support for one month
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 1 USB Port

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Technical Info:


Software Screenshot:

Some of the keys that can be copied:

Type A - Cards & Key Fobs that can be copied by the Key Copier Platinum:

HID 1346 ProxKey II Proximity Keyfob

No brand 125 khz Key fob *

HID 1346 ProxKey III Proximity Keyfob

HID 26bit Access Card



No brand 125 khz Access Card *



HID 1326 ProxCard II Proximity Card

HID 1536 DuoProx II Proximity Card

HID 1386 ISOProx II Proximity Card

No brand 125 khz Thin Fob No brand 125 khz Thin Pear Fob No brand EM4100 Grey Fob *
Pandaria Remote (Proximity aspect) HID 1336 DuoProx II (0008P)

- Airkey AKTX2 / AKTX4-W26 (Prox aspect)

- i-Key TX/H, TX/EM (Proximity aspect)

Red Fob    
Red Happy Face Fob    
Type A - The Most Common Key Readers for Type A Keys that can be copied:

HID Wiegand, Multiplexed Digital System, Pandaria, Syris 
*, Rosslare

Type B - Cards & Key Fobs that can be copied by the Key Copier Platinum:

Dark Grey Fob

Mifare Cards (Not all supported) *

Mifare Fobs (Not all supported) *

Dark Grey Holder Fob

Keri Fob
Indala Card / Fob Keri Card / Fob

Special Buildings

- Custom Software

FDi Light Grey Fob Presco  8 Character Underlined
FDi Light Grey Fob Clear with Blue Circle Fob * - Card with 8 characters 
underlined; Or
- Card with this logo
Saflok Clear Circle Fob  
Saflok Round Black Clear Circle Fob
Type B - The Most Common Key Readers for Type B Keys that can be copied:
Farpointe ReaderPresco Reader
Gallagher/Cardax, Indala, Farpointe, Keri, Fermax, iButton, 1-Wire, Urmet Domus, Presco


* : Asterisk Note: For Generic no brand cards & fobs listed above that have a red asterisk/star: these generally can't be clearly identified as being a Type A or Type B key as these are generic no brand cards which often share the same appearance but can have different chips inside.  You can check the Type A reader pictures we have listed above.  Or for cards that have printed numbers on them, generally an older type font is a Type A card whereas a newer clearer printed type font is a Type B card:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I currently have an access proximity card. Can I have a copy made into a key fob instead?
A. Yes, proximity cards & proximity fobs are interchangeable so you can use either a blank key fob or a blank swipe card when you make a copy. Some people prefer a key fob which can be easily kept on your key ring. Other people prefer a card that they keep in their wallet or purse.

Q. How long does it take to clone my key?
A. Once you are familiar with using the device, it usually only takes around 30 seconds per key. 

Q. If my original key is deactivated will my clone still work?
A. No. A cloned key carries an exact copy of the data on the original key. If your original key is deactivated, both keys will stop working.

Q. Can you copy every type of access card / fob with the Key Copier Platinum?
A. No. Because of encryption and other variables there are some keys that it cannot clone.

Q. Do I need to be in Sydney?
A. No, we offer Australia wide free shipping so you can purchase this cloner from Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin or from anywhere else in Australia.

Q. Does it copy car keys or push buttons keys?
A. No, it only copies normal access cards / fobs that do not have a button on them. The only exception to this is if you are using a dual format key (eg. a push button garage key that also has a proximity chip inside) and you are only wishing to copy the proximity aspect of the key.