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Card Copying Service for Building / Door Access Proximity Cards

We offer RFID key card and FOB cloning / copying services for the common proximity access card systems used in Australia including HID.  RFID (radio frequency identification) key cards and fobs use radio waves to wirelessly communicate with electronic access control systems.  Such cards are usually used for building doors, common area access (pool, barbeque), car parks & lift access.  The most common brand of card is HID.


Type A - Cards & Key Fobs that we copy:

HID 1346 ProxKey II Proximity Keyfob

No brand 125 khz Key fob *

HID 1346 ProxKey III Proximity Keyfob

HID 26bit Access Card



No brand 125 khz Access Card *



HID 1326 ProxCard II Proximity Card

HID 1536 DuoProx II Proximity Card

HID 1386 ISOProx II Proximity Card

No brand 125 khz Thin Fob No brand 125 khz Thin Pear Fob No brand EM4100 Grey Fob *
Pandaria Remote (Proximity aspect) HID 1336 DuoProx II (0008P)

- Airkey AKTX2 / AKTX4-W26 (Prox aspect)

- i-Key TX/H, TX/EM (Proximity aspect)

Red Fob    
Red Happy Face Fob    
Type A - The Most Common Key Readers for Type A Keys that we copy:

HID Wiegand, Multiplexed Digital System, Pandaria, Syris 
*, Rosslare

Type B - Cards & Key Fobs that we copy:

Dark Grey Fob

Mifare Cards (Not all supported) *

Mifare Fobs (Not all supported) *

Dark Grey Holder Fob

Keri Fob
Indala Card / Fob Keri Card / Fob

Special Buildings

- Custom Software

FDi Light Grey Fob Presco  8 Character Underlined
FDi Light Grey Fob Clear with Blue Circle Fob * - Card with 8 characters 
underlined; Or
- Card with this logo
Saflok Clear Circle Fob
Saflok Round Black Clear Circle Fob - Button Type Fob
Type B - The Most Common Key Readers for Type B Keys that we copy:
Farpointe ReaderPresco Reader
Gallagher/Cardax, Indala, Farpointe, Keri, Fermax, iButton, 1-Wire, Urmet Domus, Presco


SiferFDi BlackBlue Dark Long Fob



HID iClass, Sifer, FDi Black




If your card / key fob or key reader is not listed above:

Email us a photo.  If your key or reader is not listed, please email us a photo of your key and the reader at the door.


* : Asterisk Note: For Generic no brand cards & fobs listed above that have a red asterisk/star: these generally can't be clearly identified as being a Type A or Type B key as these are generic no brand cards which often share the same appearance but can have different chips inside.  You can check the Type A reader pictures we have listed above.  Or for cards that have printed numbers on them, generally an older type font is a Type A card whereas a newer clearer printed type font is a Type B card:






Copy your card/fob to a sticker!

Don't want to carry around your card/fob? Copy it to a small sticker which can be stuck to the back of your phone etc.  ($5 surcharge applies)

HID ProxKey II Fob or ProxCard II Exact Match

If you have a HID ProxKey II and prefer your copied key(s) to look exactly the same instead of our standard Grey fob or standard White card.  ($10 surcharge applies)


Same Day Handling + Express Post (Mail Service)

If you're outside Sydney, you can mail us your key and our general handling time is 1-2 business days.  For same day handling, you can upgrade to our same day handling & Express Post service.  ($10 surcharge applies)




Three Ways to copy your Key (if your Key is listed in the top images on this page):


1. We come to you (Monday-Sunday 1pm-8pm) (Home / Office / Coffee Shop etc)

    > Call out Charge as follows:

            - $44 : Sydney city (postcode 2000)

            - $64 : within 3 km of Sydney city centre by road (eg. Redfern, Broadway, Ultimo, Pyrmont, Surry Hills, Kings Cross)

            - $74 : within 3-5 km of Sydney city centre by road (eg. Glebe, Newtown, Alexandria, Zetland, Paddington, Milsons Point, North Sydney)

            - $94 : within 5-10 km of Sydney city centre by road (eg. Kensington)

            - $109 : within 10-15 km of Sydney city centre by road (eg. Campsie)

            - $134 : within 15-20 km of Sydney city centre by road (eg. Lidcombe)

            - $159 : within 20-25 km of Sydney city centre by road (eg. Parramatta)

            - $174 : within 25-30 km of Sydney city centre by road (eg. Pennant Hills)

            - $189 : within 30-35 km of Sydney city centre by road (eg. Castle Hill)

> To schedule an appointment, please click the Orange Button below to make an appointment using our online booking system.

> Key Copy cost (in addition to call out charge): $69 (Type A) / $89 (Type B) each for first key. Additional keys at same time $44 (Type A) / $64 (Type B)



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2. Send to us (Mail / Courier) clone service

    > For this service, please click here to download & complete a form and send to us together with your key.

    > Key Copy cost: $69 (Type A) / $89 (Type B) each for first key. Additional keys at same time $44 (Type A) / $64 (Type B)


3. Re-order Keys Online

    > If you have previously had keys copied and want to order again, click here to order online.

    > Key Copy cost: $69 (Type A) / $89 (Type B) each for first key. Additional keys at same time $44 (Type A) / $64 (Type B)



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. I currently have an access proximity card. Can I have a copy made into a key fob instead?

A. Yes, proximity cards & proximity fobs are interchangeable. Just let us know if you prefer a card of fob. Some people prefer a key fob which can be easily kept on your key ring. Other people prefer a card that they keep in their wallet or purse.


Q. There are numbers on the back of my key, can you use those to make me a duplicate?

A. Possibly but it is not recommended.  Those numbers are typically manufacturer's stock numbers for re-ordering purposes and don't fully correlate with the data stored on the key.  Please contact us for more information.


Q. How long does it take to clone my key?

A. If we come to you, it takes less than 10 minutes once we arrive.  By post, please allow 1-2 business days plus shipping times (or same day handling plus overnight shipping with our Same Day Handling + Express Post upgrade).


Q. If my original key is deactivated will my clone still work?

A. No. A cloned key carries an exact copy of the data on the original key. If your original key is deactivated, both keys will stop working.


Q. Can you copy every type of access card / fob?

A. No. Because of encryption and other variables there are some keys that we cannot clone. We will refund your purchase for any key we are unable to clone.  We only copy non secure keys.


Q. Do you clone credit cards?

A. No, we do not clone credit cards or cards/fobs/keys that appear to be used for financial accounts or government purposes. We reserve the right to refuse any order.


Q. Are you able to provide advice on choosing a lock or are you able to install, repair or maintain my lock or security system?

A. No. To do this would require a Security Licence. We only provide retail key copying which is exempted from requiring a Security Licence.


Q. Do you copy restricted keys?

A. No. If the words "Do not Copy" or "Restricted" are written/engraved on your key, then we are not able to copy it.


Q. Is it legal to copy my key?

A. We wouldn't be providing this service if we didn't think so.  As we are not solicitors, we are not permitted to provide legal advice. However we can share some advice provided to us:

  • Retail Key Copying is exempted from requiring a Security Licence. The law has very little differentiation between duplicating physical keys and electronic keys.  It's much the same as your local hardware store offering physical key copying services; you are simply duplicating an access key of which you are the owner or legal user (Source:

  • The most common HID format that we copy is the standard 26 bit Wiegand format. This is an open format with no encryption (Reference: Anyone could buy a RFID reader & software for under $50 and read the building & card number from their key. Then they could easily order a duplicate card from many of the card suppliers by providing them with the building & card number. (Please realise though that many suppliers would have a minimum number of cards that could be ordered eg. 50). As this is a completely open format, no identification or agreement is required. In fact as there are only 256 different building code combinations - a huge number of buildings use the same building code.

  • There is a restriction on copying Restricted keys. These are patented restricted keys that have "Restricted" or "Do not Copy" stamped or engraved on them as well as being stamped with the registered unique System Code.  We do not copy Restricted keys.  There are many restrictions on these keys such as the blank keys having to be kept in a safe at all times when not in use and restrictions on the ability to purchase such keys from the manufacturer or distributor.

  • Please review any lease contract or strata laws that are applicable to you.

  • They keys that we copy can all be copied yourself by purchasing the relevant hardware from eBay or other sites.  See the question below.

Q. I am a building manager and I don't want residents to copy their keys. Do you have any advice?

A. We would suggest you consult a professional security provider who can provide advice on a suitable Access Control System that uses appropriate security access cards that meet your requirements.  You may wish to let them know that you want to use a high security system that uses encrypted security cards or fobs that can't be copied.  If you already have a system that uses easily copy-able unencrypted keys and were provided poor information about the security of the system  by a security company - you may have a case to seek compensation from the security company.


Q. Can you copy car keys or push buttons keys?

A. No, we only copy normal access cards / fobs that do not have a button on them.  The only exception to this is if you are using a dual format key (eg. a push button garage key that also has a proximity chip inside) and you are only wishing to copy the proximity aspect of the key.


Q. Can I copy a key myself?

A. Yes, there are a large range of RFID readers and copiers available online on eBay and other websites which you can buy and copy your own key. One difficulty you may encounter is knowing which device to buy as there are a large range of different devices, formats and frequencies.  Furthermore you will need to invest time to learn how to use the device with some devices being easier to operate than others.  We aim to provide a convenient time saving service instead.


Q. Will security know I'm using a clone?

A. Only if you show them the cloned key which will differ in appearance from the original key you were issued. However, to the access control system it appears identical to the original.


Q. Do you only service Sydney?

A. No, we offer a mail service for customers outside Sydney including but not limited to Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and the rest of Australia.


We have two types of standard cards/fobs that we can copy to (Fob, Card) and three premium cards/fobs that we can copy to (Sticker, HID ProxKey II, HID ProxCard II):



NOTE: This key copying service is provided by a network of Independent Contractors.  We receive a commission from all sales that were referred from this advertisement.