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Samsung Unlock by IMEI: Australia & Asia Pacific [SAMAP]  $49.95 


Samsung Unlock by IMEI: Australia & Asia Pacific

Unlock any Samsung phone locked to any network in Australia & the Asia Pacific.


Supported Models

All GSM/3G Samsung models locked to any network in the Asia Pacific including Australia, Malaysia & New Zealand.


What does unlocking my mobile phone do for me?

Unlocking your phone removes the network restriction from your phone and allows you to use your mobile on any GSM network worldwide. You are no longer restricted to only using the network that your phone is locked to. This provides you with greater freedom and allows you to change network providers as you please. This is especially handy for when you travel overseas as you are able to simply purchase and insert a local network SIM card into your phone and avoid expensive roaming charges. Unlocking your phone also usually significantly increases the value of your phone.


The Unlocking Process

1. Simply select your desired quantity of unlocks (how many phones you have to unlock) in the box below and click "Add to Cart".

2. Complete the checkout process and include the IMEI number(s) of your phone in the Comments section in the Payment Page in the checkout.

3. Once we receive your payment, we will process your request and send you your unlock code and instructions on how to enter the code into your phone.


Product Specifications

Unlock Type: Remote unlock via IMEI code. You simply enter an unlock code (provided by us after purchase) into your phone.


Equipment/Cable Required: None


Turn around time: Usually 1 business days. Please allow up to 3 business days.


Conditions: Purchasing this product does not guarantee that we will be able to generate your unlock code within the time period mentioned above. In the event that we do not send your unlock code to you within 15 business days, you are entitled to cancel your order and receive a full refund or continue to wait.


What is my IMEI number?

Every GSM & 3G mobile has a unique 15 digit IMEI number which is like a serial number for your mobile phone. To find your IMEI number you can either type the following keys one by one into the "idle" screen of your mobile: * # 0 6 # or you can look at the sticker underneath the battery of your mobile phone.


Please make sure you include the following information in the boxes below or in the checkout comments box:

(1) Your phones IMEI number

(2) The model of your phone

(3) The Network & Country that your phone is locked to (Please be specific. eg. Vodafone Australia or Vodafone UK)

Available Options:
Please enter the Model(s) of your phone.
Please enter your IMEI Number(s)
Please enter the Network & Country that your phone is locked to

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  • This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 March, 2009.
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